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Workplace Retirement Plans

Our Philosophy

At Ridgeline Financial Partners, we believe that a small firm with an unmatched work-ethic, utilizing one of the most advanced software on the marketplace can provide every retirement plan, regardless of size, with an institutional experience. From investment reviews, to provider bench-marking, to financial wellness, we have the tools to deliver that experience. Don't settle for anything less!

401(k) & Profit Sharing Plans

A well designed retirement plan can provide an important financial incentive to recruit, attract, and retain your workforce. As a 3(38) investment manager, we provide the highest level of fiduciary oversight to an investment committee. In addition, we have a passion for delivering education and financial wellness programs to help increase the effectiveness of your desired plan.

Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans

Did you think traditional pension plans were a thing of the past? Though shrinking in size for many large companies, a properly designed defined benefit plan can provide a cost effective solution for owners and other highly compensated employees.

Multiple Employer Plans

At Ridgeline Financial Partners, our professionals have expertise in the design and implementation of Multiple Employer Plans (MEP's). By sponsoring a plan through a trade or industry association, we can provide the benefits of scale to smaller retirement plans. This approach can substantially reduce the fees associated with operating a plan, and can provide a consistent investment experience across all members of an organization.