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What We Do

At Ridgeline Financial Partners, our professionals provide a broad menu of financial planning, wealth management, and business solutions for individuals, families, and small business owners. Each of our clients brings unique objectives and new challenges that we believe require a highly personalized and individually structured service approach. Our goal is to help clients understand their financial reality, distill pain points and refine their goals, identify opportunities, and plan their financial futures with confidence.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is a term used by many financial professionals these days to describe their process. We find that it is overused within the industry and strive to reinforce the process of planning for one’s financial future. We affectionately refer to our process as the Six Areas of Financial Planning. The Six Areas of Financial Planning include:

  1. An evaluation of your current situation, to include a budgetary and cash flow analysis
  2. Risk Management and Insurance: A comprehensive investigation searching for deficiencies in your insurance portfolio
  3. Retirement Planning: Determining the resources necessary to retire comfortably so that financial independence can be achieved
  4. Investment Planning: Making sure your current portfolio is appropriately designed given your age, risk tolerance, and time horizon to retirement
  5. Tax Planning: Working with your existing tax and accounting professionals to implement qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), college-sponsored 529 programs, and other tax-efficient programs
  6. Estate Planning: Preparing (in conjunction with your legal team) for the transfer of a business interest and assets to the next generation, as well as your charitable planning endeavors

Wealth Management

Most of our clients strive to grow their wealth so that it can eventually serve as the fruits of their labor. We work to design and implement financial strategies so that our clients can build an adequate level of wealth to meet their lifestyle needs, charitable intentions, and legacy aspirations. We also understand the protectionist nature of individuals who have amassed a great deal of wealth and can work with those clients to help pass their wealth generationally.

Business Solutions

It is hard to think like a small business unless you operate as one yourself. As small business owners, we fully appreciate the business cycle that many of our clients experience. Running a business requires that a balance be struck between managing employees, benefit programs, and business liabilities. We understand the issues that face most businesses and aim to be the trusted advisor that can provide solutions for employee benefit programs, succession planning for partnerships and family businesses, and business continuity.